Input Media Chairman David Wood Speaks about 3D and 4K

October 31, 2013

David Wood, allergist Executive Chairman of Input Media, stomach spoke to iSportconnect TV Editor at Large, Jay Stuart at Sportel Monaco and you can now watch the interview, only on iSportconnect TV.

Input Media is one of the UK’s leading sports TV production companies, working with blue-chip companies such as UEFA, the FA, French Tennis Federation, Chelsea Football Club and more.

Speaking to iSportconnect TV about the invention of 4K technology and the failure of 3D in broadcasting, Wood said: “I think it’s (4K) probably going to be the most important (invention) because the TV manufacturers are looking for that platform to give them sales into the homes.

“I think 3D has not really done the job for them and one of the reasons behind that is because 3D and sports requires additional camera positions and those camera positions don’t always give the best angles.”

To watch the whole interview with David and to hear his views about 4K and 3D, click here.

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