Innsbruck 2012 Given Thumps Up after Final IOC Inspection

September 7, 2011

The International Olympic Committee have given a positive review after their fourth and final inspection of Innsbruck facilities for the first ever Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2012.

The Commission – chaired by Switzerland’s Gian-Franco Kasper, the President of the International Ski Federation – conducted the inspection following the Chef de Mission meetings in the city that saw all of the 65 nations that will compete at Innsbruck in attendance and said they were impressed with what they saw, with a little over 100 days to go until the event begins.

Kasper, said: “The Innsbruck Organising Committee heads into the final few months of preparation with an extremely organised and creative team who are working tirelessly to ensure an unforgettable elite sporting event for the world’s best young winter athletes.

“This unique host city has a rich Olympic history and today we can feel the excitement building as it makes history again with the first Winter Youth Olympic Games.”

The Commission claimed they were particularly impressed with the progress of the Youth Olympic Village, which will accommodate approximately 1,660 athletes and officials during Games time and then become affordable housing once the event has concluded.

The Coordination Commission was also pleased to note the full integration of the unique Culture and Education Programme into the overall schedule for athletes, spectators and local schools.

The Programme will enable athletes to learn new skills, experience different cultures and cover key topics such as the benefits of healthy lifestyles, the dangers of doping, and the values of friendship, solidarity and fair play.

This group will then guide the athletes through the Programme during Games time.

Peter Bayer, Innsbruck 2012 chief executive, said: “Holding 63 medal events and a wide-ranging Culture and Education Programme in the space of just 10 days requires a tremendous amount of detailed planning, organisation, coordination, leadership and monitoring. I am proud of our team.

“The vision of the Youth Olympic Games is within touching distance, and there is great enthusiasm among all the members of the Organising Committee. We have embraced and are living the Olympic Spirit, which is reflected in the excellent work we’ve done so far.”

This inaugural event will hope to follow in the footsteps of the successful Summer Olympic Youth Games held in Singapore in 2010.