Infront Sports & Media Continue Partnership with World Curling Federation

August 16, 2011

Infront Sports & Media and World Curling Federation have announced the extension to their media and marketing partnership up and until 2014.

The new agreement follows the initial period of three years which has led to strong achievements for the federation and the sport of curling. A streamlined marketing concept was introduced for major WCF events, ampoule  resulting in 12 new sponsorship commitments. In addition, Infront contributed to an extensive increase in general awareness and exposure for curling and paved the way for the sport’s entry into new markets. Building on this foundation, Infront plans together with the WCF to further expand the sport in Asia and increase the media exposure through new channels.

Kate Caithness, President of the WCF, said “With its unique experience and network in winter sports, Infront was and is the best choice in partner for curling as an emerging sport. The passion and dedication behind this integral media and marketing approach has been substantial and has helped to spread interest in curling around the world. Infront’s achievements are underlined by hard figures and results in terms of exposure for our sport and our partners. The foundations are now in place for the future growth and development of our sport.”

The WCF is one of seven International Sports Federations currently part of the Winter Olympic programme. It represents 48 Member Associations and is generally acknowledged to be one of the fastest-growing international winter sports.

Bruno Marty, Infront’s Executive Director Winter Sports, said: “It is rewarding to see what effect professional marketing structures can have on the success of a sports event, whilst also generating stronger financial support for the federation. The four-year prolongation helps us to take a long-term view, build upon the past achievements and deliver much added value to the WCF and its
major events.

The success of curling in Asia demonstrates the strong potential for the sport in new markets, whilst its popularity in core winter sports markets is also still growing. This ongoing upswing will further expand the WCF events’ value as a sponsorship property and consequently prove highly beneficial for the associated brands.”