Indian-Pakistan tennis team wins Peace and Sport award

October 13, 2010

This year’s Peace and Sport Image of the Year Award has been given to the doubles tennis team formed by Indian Rohan Bopanna and Pakistani Ul-Haq Aisam Qureshi, it has been announced.

The award, presented by the Peace and Sport organisation in partnership with SPORTELMonaco and Getty images, is given to the image that best showed the ability of sport to advance peace in the world.

Hindu Roham and Muslim Aisam have been playing together for three years and actively campaign for peace between the two nations through their partnership, displaying the slogan “Stop War, Start Tennis” on their gear.

President and founder of Peace and Sport Joel Bouzou said: “Sport’s greatest victory is not measured in terms of medals. It is measured by its ability to positively change people’s lives and bring them hope. And that’s exactly what Rohan and Aisam succeed in doing.”