Indian Grand Prix Organisers Insist Race Will Return

October 29, 2013

The organisers of the Indian Grand Prix, Jaypee Sports International, insist that the event will return after a one-year hiatus in 2014.

The race, held at the Buddh International Circuit, is only three races into a five race deal with FOM. There will be no Indian Grand Prix in 2014 due to the pressures involved with hostng the race twice in six months, which would have been required due to a change in the race’s slot on the calendar.

F1 leader Bernie Ecclestone has cited political and financial difficulties as causes for the break, and there have been low sales figures for this year’s race, which has led to speculation that the Indian Grand Prix may be removed from F1, though Jaypee insist this is not the case.

A media officer told Gulf News: “We were always confident of good crowd numbers. F1 is new to the country and it will take time for fans to warm up to it. We are close to the average attendances worldwide on race days, except perhaps in Silverstone, which attracts a bigger crowd. We will definitely host the race again in 2015.”