Indian football coach bemoans lack of change

July 1, 2010

The Indian national football team coach, Bob Houghton, has extended his deal with the All India Football Federation until 2013, but says there is little hope for progress from the team unless there is change from the bottom up.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Houghton said: “I have signed a contract till 2013. In my last four years’ coaching career, there has been no change in Indian football management. Our national team depends upon the I-League and domestic structure, but the clubs do not want to change.

“I can’t change the system. The executive committee meetings are packed with the clubs, who are voting members, so if I give any suggestion regarding I-League or the clubs, they ignore them and do what they want. Ultimately they have the voting rights.

“We have to change infrastructure at the domestic level, create more domestic leagues from where we can recruit good players. Without such improvements how can you ask for an improved ranking?”