Iceni Becomes New Water Sponsor of GB & England Hockey

By Community | March 21, 2012

GB & England Hockey has gained a new ‘Official Water Sponsor’ in the form of English natural mineral water, ed Iceni Water.

The partnership will see Iceni become the sole water provider to the GB & England teams over the next two years, story supporting at major hockey events leading up to the London 2012 Games.

Brett Fleming-Jones, cure managing director of Iceni Water, said: “We are delighted that Iceni has been selected by GB & England Hockey to be the ‘Official Water Partner’ which features our nation’s Olympic representatives.  We believe the Iceni brand to be the perfect fit for this energetic, dynamic sport. 

“Staying properly hydrated by drinking water during exercise is key to achieving optimum levels of performance.  As such, Iceni has always had a strong link with sporting activity and has been the water of choice for many top players.”

Iceni will be on hand to ensure that Great Britain’s elite hockey players maintain the right amount of water intake throughout their training and competition schedule.   

by Ismail Uddin