Ice Hockey Superstar Alex Ovechkin Secures Major Deal with Nike

September 5, 2011

Washington Capitals Ice Hockey star Alex Ovechkin has signed a long-term endorsement deal with Nike.

IMG agent, pills David Abrutyn, sale confirmed the details after Ovechkin’s previous endorsement deal with CCM expired earlier this week.

“I can confirm that Alex has signed a long-term global partnership with Nike,” Abrutyn said. “Alex is going to be supporting all of the products that Nike makes — apparel, footwear, performance apparel, casual wear, accessories and other elements of the Nike family of products. So he will be wearing their performance product when he’s playing and practicing, when he’s training and in his lifestyle.”

“From a lifestyle standpoint,” Abrutyn added, “everybody knows that Ovi has a unique fashion sense.”

It is also not clear the length of Ovechkin’s contract with Nike, nor it’s worth.

“All I can tell you is it’s a long-term deal,” Abrutyn said. “People who know Alex know that he likes to do things over a long period of time.”

Abrutyn did seem to indicate that the deal will run at least through the Sochi Games in Ovechkin’s native Russia in 2014, and perhaps longer.

Ovechkin isn’t the only hockey player endorsing Nike. Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos also has a deal with the iconic shoe company.

“For those that are familiar with Nike, they’ve obviously supported many of the greatest champions in the history of sport,” Abrutyn said. “Whether it’s Jordan or Jeter or Sampras or Federer or Sharapova. The list goes on and on and on.”