ICC search for Twenty20 World Cup media agency

August 15, 2011

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is seeking an agency to manage the official marketing, communications, advertising and media strategies for the ICC Twenty20 World Cup tournament in 2012.

The successful company will be granted the rights and responsibilities in managing all such aspects of the tournament’s fourth edition, which takes place in Asia for the first time as Sri Lanka host the event next September.

In a statement, the ICC said they are looking fo companies with “a proven track record in running the ticketing programme for world-class sporting events is essential as well as sufficient resources and experience to provide all the necessary services, a state-of-the-art information technology infrastructure and suitably skilled and experienced personnel.”

The successful company will also have either a substantial network of relevant contacts throughout the host country and other territories represented by the teams competing at the event or a proven ability to establish local contacts in each of such countries in order to provide the services to the required standard and within the required time-frames.

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