ICC Reduce Presidential Powers & Introduce New Chairman Role

February 2, 2012

The International Cricket Council (ICC) plans to reduce the powers enjoyed by its president and covert it to an ambassadorial role.

The ICC board is also planning to create a new position of chairman. The proposal to split the job was backed collectively by the board during its two-day meeting in Dubai, which ended on Wednesday.

While speaking to the media, ICC Chief Executive, Haroon Lorgat said that every member would fill the presidential role in the ICC on a rotational basis.

“The presidential role is one that will be filled on a rotational basis by every one of the members and the best man will be elected to lead the board (as chairman),” Sport24 quoted Lorgat, as saying.

The proposal would be talked about further at the next board meeting in April before being deciding to espouse it at the ICC’s annual conference in June

The recommendation is likely to be implemented in 2014. The proposal of splitting the presidency was one of the recommendations of an independent governance review of the ICC.

Lorgat also rejected the notion that the new proposed system would amplify the influence of the stronger countries within the ICC, such as India and England, which are the financial powerhouses of the game.

“There’s every chance it could be the case (that the chairman could come from within the current board) but there’s every chance it could come from outside. There will be a nominations committee that will determine a process to elect the best man for the job,” he added.

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