ICC Move Closer to Floodlit Tests for Five-Day Game

May 19, 2011

In a bid to rejuvenate the dwindling support for the five-day version of the sport, anesthetist the International Cricket Council (ICC) has moved one step closer to giving the go-ahead to floodlit tests.

It is understood that the only stumbling block standing in the way is finding a ball that can be clearly seen under lights, adiposity but can also retain its colour for the minimum 80 overs.

Experiments over the past two years have shown that either pink or orange balls in place of the traditional red can be seen clearly under lights and a pink ball with a black seem will be trialled throughout the world following testing during the Marylebone Cricket Club’s annual season-opening fixture against county champions Nottinghamshire in Abu Dhabi this year.

ICC general manager Dave Richardson said: “This time next year I hope we will be in a position, pills hopefully, to recommend it be used in a day-night test match.

“The principal aim now is just to confirm that the ball in most conditions can sustain itself for long enough.”

If the cricket committee concludes in a year’s time that the pink ball has been a success and can retain its colour in adverse conditions, the path appears clear for a trial day-night test in the ensuing 12 months