UEFA’s Financial Fair Play video- Iain Taker

By iSportconnect | August 24, 2012

Iain Taker, abortion associate lawyer at Kemp Little LLP, talked to iSportconnect about the upcoming FFP rules due to be implemented by UEFA. 

Iain discusses the background to the rules giving a useful insight to rules that will shape the future economics of our game.

With clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham still buying heavily this transfer window it is important to understand the implications of the FFP and what punishments there could be for breaching them.

With big clubs such as those mentioned facing these restraints, we also take a look at what loopholes if any there could be that will have an impact.

Iain also takes a look at wether different European Leagues are at a competitive advantage compared to others.

Watch part 1

Watch part 2