Exclusive: ‘I can see American Football in the Olympics someday’ says IFAF President

April 16, 2013

By Ismail Uddin

Tommy Wiking, the president of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) has revealed he hopes to see American Football in the Olympics someday. 

IFAF are currently applying for IOC recognition and Wiking sees the sport in the Olympics one day. 

“Off course I can see American Football in the Olympics someday but the problem is to get the IOC to see it my way so it is a challenge,” he told iSportconnect exclusively

“First of all you need to know the IOC have a structure in place when a new sport is trying to join the program so it’s a long process and they are discussing it right now.” 

Wiking, who has been president since 200g, also suggested that if they were to get recognition it will take a little while before they could conceivably be included for the Games. 

He said: “They are talking about cutting Wrestling from the 2020 games and the decision will be made seven years before the games begin. For us to be included we will first have to be IOC recognised and then we can start the process of actually applying for the actual games. If we were to get recognised now the first games we could in theory get recognised is the 2024 games. I don’t think we will be included in 2024.” 

Sweden native, Wiking added that if approved they may have to alter their game like Rugby Sevens to adapt to IOC regulations. 

“If you were to do American Football there would mean eight teams in the men’s tournament and eight in the women’s and coaches. We would make up 10% of the athletes at the Olympics and they would have to chop other sports and they won’t do that. They will either have to decide to increase the invitation or ask us to change our player system similar to Rugby Sevens. I don’t know what the answer is but when the question comes we will take it and make it work,” Wiking commented.

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