The Hundred Criticised for KP Snacks Sponsorship

October 4, 2019

KP Snacks’ partnership with the ECB for the upcoming inaugural ‘Hundred’ tournament next year has come under scrutiny.

Following the kit reveal ahead of the competition, the ECB has been forced to defend its shirt sponsorship with a company which produces unhealthy snack foods.

All of the new sides created for The Hundred will wear a KP Snacks brand on the front of their shirt, with some saying this is contradictory to the message of being healthy and active that sport should be getting across to young people.

KP is supposed to have assured the ECB of reducing the amount of salt and fat within their products, however health campaigners are unhappy with the decision.

“Companies that produce fatty, sugary and salty foods often seek partnerships with sports events to create an association with healthy activity and their unhealthy food products,” said Caroline Cerny, according to the Daily Telegraph, before adding “This is contributing to the relentless tide of junk food marketing and promotion that makes it harder for families to be healthier and is driving high levels of obesity.”

The Hundred is a new format created by the ECB in the mould of Australia’s Big Bash and the Indian Premier League, which will comprise of franchise teams separate from the normal county sides.

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