Huddersfield Town Target China in International Development Programme

By iSportconnect | February 8, 2013

Championship football team Huddersfield Town will embark on their first foray into China, medicine as a part of their wider International Development plan.

The club will lead a delegation of local businesses and Club Partners to East Asia to visit Zhongshan, cialis sale China via Shanghai.

Last week Town announced that Fired Up Corporation had become the club’s first International Partner and now Huddersfield have team up with them to create new international business links.

Fired Up Corporation has offices and a 300, find 000 square foot manufacturing facility close to Zhongshan City in Guangdong province.

Town’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis said: “This trip to Asia is a first for Huddersfield Town and we’re very excited about its prospects.

“As I’ve previously stated, our International Development programme is underpinned by the principles of knowledge transfer and business relationships and we hope that we can use football as a vehicle for international trade.”

“We will take a delegation with us to China that includes Club partners and those businesses that are interested in exploring China as a new market for their business.”

International Development Manager Ajin Abraham commented: “The expertise of the Fired Up Corporation has been vital for us to get this far and I would like to thank Richard and his team for their assistance and support. Our partnership with Fired Up Corporation is a relatively new one, but there is already a brilliant working relationship.” 

“From a commercial point of view, our thinking is that businesses should look at opportunities such as these to explore avenues of doing business in new and emerging markets. There are international trade missions run by organisations such as the UKTI among others, but we believe that the power of the Huddersfield Town brand would instantly help open doors for partner businesses. English football has an immense appetite worldwide and one would be surprised at the opportunities that we could help realise through initiatives such as these. We know that the Fired Up Corporation would help provide invaluable ‘on-the-ground’ information for businesses joining us on this venture.”

“We would still be interested in talking to any businesses that feel they could benefit from this visit.”

Huddersfield will use its fellow Club Partner, Virgin Atlantic to fly from the UK to China and back.