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By iSportconnect | October 23, 2014

The aim behind your sponsorship is to promote your business and your brand and to reach broader target groups through media or highly-frequented events. So far so good.

However, your sponsorship will be even more efficient, if you integrate your sales goals into the project.

Of course, it is not always measurable, whether your customers’ purchasing decisions occur due to your sponsorship.

Many factors and advertising measurements are involved in this  process.

However, there are ways and means how to link your sponsorship to your sales activities in a tangible way. Here are a few examples:

Use your own communication channels to organize sweepstakes or distribute promotion codes. Every visitor to one of your sponsored sports events, will i.e. receive a 5% discount or takes part in a raffle.

This way, you can track which customers you won through your sponsorship and measure exactly how many new customers you have reached. These figures are an excellent basis for the decision, whether to extend, expand or even just to finish your sponsorship.

Use the events of your sponsor partner such as game days, race weekends, concerts or members’ and fan meetings to invite customers and prospects to prepare or even close sales transactions in a good mood with positive emotions in an excellent atmosphere.

Generally, such events ensure an intensified relationship between your sales force and your customer. Shared experiences strengthen confidence. It could occur that the next order will be bigger than expected or you finally got that huge contract signed.

Most teams and clubs furthermore have their own communication channels: Why not arrange for direct mailings to all club members, promotions on match days outside the stadium or special offers sent out through newsletters, via Facebook or through the magazine of the sponsored team.

It is important to ensure that this possibility has previously been fixed in the contract. Why not posting a product offer on the Facebook fan page of your partner, showing how it is in use right there. Imagine you selling lawn mowers and sponsoring a soccer club. Well wonderful.

A post in spring with a photo of a player in the stadium mowing the lawn will surely create huge attention. And don’t forget to add an action code and a link to your own website.

How do you connect your sponsorship with distribution? I look forward to your comments.

Sonja Kreye, Sponsorship and PR Consultant, Sonja Kreye Consultancy

Sonja Kreye is a Sponsorship and PR Consultant and is working with customers that include tolimit Sport & Marketing, Publicis Kommunikationsagentur, and Joest Racing Team. She is consulting her customers with regards to sponsorship concepts, sponsorship development and activation as well as with regards to public relations and communications. In her career, Sonja consulted and managed sponsorship concepts for brands such as DHL, Krombacher, Veltins, Sigma, Procter & Gamble and many more. Prior to her current role, Sonja was Business Relations Manager at Porsche and furthermore consulted Formula One race tracks such as Hockenheim, Shanghai and Magny Cours. She is furthermore an editor to various German motor sport and motor sport business magazines.


 Sonja holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Media & Marketing from Steinbeis University Berlin, School of Management & Innovation

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