How LaLiga North America Is Engaging Local Fans Through Content

November 16, 2020

Since its launch in August 2018, LaLiga North America has built a fresh and dynamic approach to the market that is fuelled by strong brand partnerships and creative content. 

The objective for the joint venture (between LaLiga and Relevent Sports Group) is to promote Spanish football in a manner that is tailored to the nuances of the US, Canada and Mexico, growing its profile based on engaging specific audiences. 

“Once we launched, it was always clear for us that the core of our strategy had to be content,” stated Boris Gartner, the CEO of LaLiga North America, during an interview for Leaders’ ‘Media Innovators’ series. 

“Not only do we create localised content that engages more with existing fans, but this allows us to go after new fans in a way that a traditional non-localised approach to the market wouldn’t let us,” he added. 

Creation of 14 weekly shows for diverse audiences

For the joint venture, creating content that is specific to specific target demographics and to individual regions has always been a priority. Thorough market research was key to this strategy, with the initial focus being on the large Hispanic audience where there was already a historical connection to countries with a major football culture.

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