How DHL is combining business and sponsorship into a one-of-a-kind partnership with F1

April 18, 2011

As an “Official logistics partner of Formula One”, ampoule DHL is not only using the communication rights and logo placements for increasing eyeballs and image values, viagra but also contributes to the F1 circus business-wise.

On behalf of Formula One Management, symptoms DHL is moving up to 300 tons of material to each race, for overseas races via aircraft and containers. Aside of the cars, the freight includes engines, spare parts and pit equipment. Furthermore, also TV and Paddock Club equipment are transported. At European races, DHL furthermore handles the trucks transporting the race fuel. At the track, DHL runs a mobile logistics centre with a 24 hour service for urgent freights, customs clearings and dangerous or special goods.

Formula One cars include the latest technology. The smallest changes to gear boxes or wings can cause the loss of tenths of a second. Due to the F1 cars being very sensitive, the teams’ overseas containers are shielded and permanently surveyed. Already from the delivery to DHL, the boxes are sealed. In order to transport the sensitive freight, front and rear wings, steering wheels, rear mirrors and the air deflectors are dismantled. The car’s underbody and sides are protected by wooden plates. On the rear, a bumper guard is protecting the gear box. A specially designed “travel front part” safeguards the steering and the front part of the chassis.

The planning for F1 logistics is a year-round job. The general planning for the season is ready by end of January. As the teams are continuously developing, DHL is offering its services year-round.

The Formula One teams often require last-minute deliveries. The target is always the same: to have the parts on time at the track. In order to meet these requirements, DHL operates the “Special Services Team”. With express flights, deliveries from and to the track can be effected in between 24 hours. If needed, an on-board messenger accompanies the freight, handles customs and e. g. if required delivers it with a helicopter directly into the paddock.

As the official logistics partner of Formula One, DHL transports the whole paddock and thus fills the loading space of 8 jumbo jets from the airports of London or Milano to all overseas races. At the European races, the teams transport their equipment with their own trucks.

With view to the Formula One fans, DHL became sponsor of the “DHL Fastest Lap” giving fans the opportunity to bet on the driver who is marking the fastest lap in every race and finally winning a car at the end of the season. The logistics specialist is additionally communicating its services by videos through its website Furthermore, DHL is running customer and b2b programs at many races.