Honda Opt Out Against Sponsoring Baltimore Grand Prix

February 24, 2012

Honda, cialis the title sponsor of four IndyCar races this year, won’t be the top sponsor of the 2012 Baltimore Grand Prix.

Dale Dillon, a longtime race promoter and the new chief of the Baltimore Grand Prix, has strong ties to Honda and reached out to the automotive giant regarding the title sponsorship. But T.E. McHale, motorsports manager for American Honda Motor Co., said the company reached its capacity on title sponsorship deals in 2012.

In addition, he said, the company also wants to see Downforce Racing’s performance after one year of operating the Baltimore Grand Prix. Downforce includes Dillon, as well as Felix Dawson and Dan Reck, both of Baltimore’s Wilkes Lane Capital.

“Before I’m comfortable going to the people who sign my paychecks and ask them to invest in the event, I’m going to need to see a lot of stability in the organization,” McHale said.

Dillon has helped organize races in Toronto and St. Petersburg, Fla., both of which are title sponsored by Honda.

McHale, however, didn’t rule out Honda sponsoring the Baltimore Grand Prix on a smaller scale.

Honda would be interested in being the official vehicle provider or a presenting sponsor for the Baltimore Grand Prix, he said.

Title sponsorships usually range from $600,000 to $1 million for American Honda, McHale said, while official vehicle sponsorships usually range from $100,000 to $300,000.

Dillon said he has been meeting with sponsors over the last couple of days and hopes to work with American Honda for other potential sponsorship opportunities. He aid he understands why Honda would want to hold off adding a fifth title sponsorship this year.

“We would truly love for them to be the title, but I understand their position,” Dillon said.

by Ismail Uddin