Hold-Out Ferrari May Join F1 Esports Championship

May 13, 2019

Ferrari is considering engaging with Netflix on a second Formula One documentary as well as joining the rest of the 10 teams in the esports world championship, according to Mattia Binotto, the Team Principal.

Reuters reports:

Ferrari and champions Mercedes did not cooperate on the successful ‘Drive to Survive’ 10-part fly-on-the-wall series filmed by Netflix last season, arguing that they needed to focus on the title battle.

When their cars or drivers did feature, it was from the official world feed television footage.

“It’s certainly an interesting program. We were not participating last season as Ferrari,” Binotto, Ferrari’s  Managing Director Gestione Sportiva and told reporters at the Spanish Grand Prix, the fifth round of the 21-race championship.

“We are considering it at the moment. We have not taken our final decision, so it’s something we will do in the next few weeks.”

Formula One  Managing Director Sean Bratches said this month that he expected a second series to go ahead, with filming already underway.

Ferrari is also the only team without a presence in the official F1 esports championship, which is in its third season and involves the teams only later in the year. Mercedes won both titles last year, as in the real world.

Binotto said Ferrari’s stance on that could change as well.

“Esports is increasing in terms of interest and certainly as Ferrari we are looking seriously into it,” he said.

“We are not yet fully committed to the program but it’s something where the discussions are ongoing and we will very soon make our own decision.”