Hockey Players to Benefit From New Artificial Turf Technology

May 15, 2015

Hockey players will be able to benefit from the latest innovation in the game’s sport-specific playing surfaces, shop with a new advancement in artificial turf technology.

TX HD, apoplectic created by synthetic yarn manufacturer, hospital Bonar Yarns, is the next generation of ‘Knit de Knit’ (KdK) hockey fibre, incorporating specially curled yarns with a waxy surface that improve performance in both wet and dry conditions.

Bryn Lee, Commercial Director at Bonar Yarns, said, “During the last few years KdK yarn has fallen from favour as the more durable texturised monofilament yarn became more popular.

“That is changing as the TX HD yarn is even more durable and offers a truer hockey surface far longer than any other yarn developed to date. KdK hockey pitches, always popular with players, are now back and thriving.”