Hearts MD David Southern Backs Supporters Bid

August 8, 2013

Hearts Managing Director David Southern has thrown his support behind the Foundation of Hearts Supporters’ bid for the troubled club.

Southern has been at the Edinburgh club through eight years of owner Vladimir Romanov’s time at Tynecastle, ampoule a period that has seen the club enter administration and face serious financial strain.

Southern was reported as saying in the Daily Record: “Hearts have been given breathing space by the supporters who have backed the club magnificently. The fans have laid the foundation stone for what happens next.

“It is very humbling for me to watch what the supporters have done to raise money for their club. I meet supporters every day and I know how much Hearts means to them.

“When a football club means that much to so many people you have to handle it with care. Clubs should be treated like Faberge eggs rather than boiled eggs.

“We have come out of eight years of foreign ownership and it is now time to change direction and strategy.

“The only people who can be trusted with football clubs are supporters and that is why I’m glad our supporters have an opportunity now to not just support the club but own it through the Foundation of Hearts.”