Hearts Fans’ Group Rules Out Joint Bid for Club

By iSportconnect | July 5, 2013

The Hearts fans’ group looking to purchase the club has decided to pursue their own bid rather than a joint offer.

The Foundation of Hearts (FOH) was reportedly approached by a consortium led by former Scottish Rugby CEO Gordon McKie to entertain a joint offer for the Edinburgh club.

A statement from FOH read: “The Foundation of Hearts notes media comments from Gordon McKie that the consortium he is leading will only now be able to proceed with the Foundation on a joint basis.

“This comes after Mr McKie’s group confirmed they do not have the capital to fund a deal alone.

“His consortium have made a proposal to the Foundation of Hearts which is to be welcomed; however, this was one of two routes the Foundation is considering in preparation for the capital investment required to secure a majority stake in Heart of Midlothian FC.

“At this time, the Foundation is set to choose the alternative funding option but wishes to maintain a strong, positive relationship with Mr McKie’s group, given it and his own personal expertise.”

Ian Murray, FOH chairman added: “he board of Foundation of Hearts will consider the best option for Hearts, nothing else, ahead of next week’s deadline.

“We welcome Gordon’s honesty that his own consortium is not in a position to go it alone and thank him for putting a proposal to us. They have been forthright and professional all through the process.

“Our bid will combine capital funding support alongside the fantastic efforts of supporters in setting up thousands of direct debits to the Foundation to provide a stable ongoing financial platform.

“We are very confident that the route we pick will be right for Hearts both now and in the future, given the strong options available to us.”