Harris Says ‘Why Not’ to Liverpool and Everton Ground-Share

April 8, 2011

The chairman of soccer financiers Seymour Pierce, brand viagra online Keith Harris told SportAccord in London that Liverpool and Everton could finish up doing the unthinkable and end up ground-sharing one day.

Harris stated: “If it works in Italy for the two Milan teams, pills then why not in Liverpool?”, click after claiming back in 2008, “the controversial thing to suggest, is the notion that maybe the city of Liverpool could have one stadium.”

Despite admitting that he had received “more death threats from fans than from my ex-wife” over his initial comments, Harris persisted with his belief that a ground share was a sensible option for both clubs.

Harris, noted for acting as a go-between for clubs and potential buyers, added: “It makes so much common sense yet unfortunately the notion that technology can turn red to blue in a switch is lost. But it will happen one day.”

Harris’s comments during a panel entitled: ‘What can sport learn from the economic crisis?’ On that issue, and in reference to the economic downturn and how it will affect football in the long term, Harris suggested that the ground share option was an inevitability – “It will be forced on us but it is a change for good.”