Hall of Fame Tennis Legend Vic Braden Gets New Sponsor

By Community | March 12, 2012

Oxygen Plus(O+), the leading purveyors of 95% pure, portable, recreational oxygen, have revealed plans to elevate the game of tennis through the endorsement of Vic Braden, tennis legend and member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Aligning mutual goals, O+ Ambassador Braden and Oxygen Plus are partnering to enhance the performance of professional tennis players through the benefits and technology of O+ recreational canned oxygen.

Vic Braden has a singular professional goal: To help athletes maximize performance and enjoyment of his or her chosen sport in the shortest period of time. He has spent much of his career coaching players to improve their game with more precision and focusing on performance advancement through technology. Esteemed in the tennis community as the man always on the cutting edge of technological performance advancements, Mr. Braden connected the game with O+’s fundamental purpose – to aid athletes in improving performance, mental concentration and recovery.

Tennis players have a grueling schedule, with daily back-to-back practices and two to six hour matches. Not only is the game itself intense, the pace of the sport leaves little time for recovery. Braden, Founder of the Vic Braden Tennis College, said, “Simply put, when energy drops, performance drops. I’m always seeking ways to help players enhance what they naturally have. Oxygen Plus is one of the most exciting products I have seen in a long time. It really could be a game changer for many athletes in the tennis world. My partnership with Oxygen Plus will entail several components in the coming months.”

O+ CEO, Andre Peschong, added: “We could not be more pleased to have such a force in the world of tennis choose to become an ambassador of our product, and Oxygen Plus is proud to support professional athletes as they compete to win on national and world stages. Mr. Braden’s vision naturally matches our company’s commitment to health and wellness. As a performance elevating brand, our aim is to put our product in the hands of players across the globe. Ultimately, they can perform better and recover faster through the natural benefits of oxygen. We believe that tennis pros using O+ will see immediate benefits to their game, specifically in the areas of increased mental concentration and post workout recovery.”