Hackers in China Steal Information Based on Olympic Committee

August 4, 2011

Chinese based hackers have been found out to been privy to computer networks of the United Nations, multinational corporations and the Olympic committees of several countries and the U.S and Canadian governments.

The major cyber attack hacked into a total of 72 organizations starting in 2006 according to Santa Clara, Californi-based McAfee Inc.

There is evidence to suggest that Beijing and Shanghai were the origin from where these criiminal activities took place.

“Even we were surprised by the enormous diversity of the victim organizations and were taken aback by the audacity of the perpetrators,” Dimitri Alperovitch, McAfee’s vice president of threat research, said in the report.

McAfee dubbed details of the incident as Operation Shady RAT, are part of a mounting body of evidence linking China to sophisticated hacking operations targeted against a broad array of both government and commercial targets. RAT is industry shorthand for remote access tool, software used to hack networks.

China’s reply to this came in the form of Wang Baodong, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington. He said China is “firmly against international hacking activities and is ready to work with other countries to secure the cyberspace.”