Guadalajara 2018 Youth Olympic Games Bid in Jeopardy after Debt Crisis

August 28, 2012

Guadalajara’s bid for the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games is in doubt following reports that their debt from hosting the 2011 Pan American Games still remains.

The Head of the Guadalajara Pan American Games, abortion Carlos Andrade Garin, abortion admitted that 399 million pesos is owed to 12 vendors including 315 million to one venue builder.  However, pharmacy cheap the President of the the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), Mario Vazquez Rana, argued that the debt is much greater.

As a result of the debt issue, the Governor-elect of Jalisco Province Aristotle Jorge Sandoval declared that he would not provide the necessary government support for the Youth Olympic Games bid.

Currently, a team is assembled to prepare a bid book that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) requires in October from all cities interested in hosting the 2018 Games – and the Governor would be required to endorse the plans and their costs at that time.  Without his support, Guadalajara would be forced to drop out of the race.

This wouldn’t be the first time that the Mexican city has abandoned its pursuit of the Youth Olympics.  Two years ago the city bowed out of the race for the 2014 Games just days before the final election due to concerns that the effort to organize the Youth Olympics would be too great alongside preparations for the 2011 Pan Am Games.  Nanjing in China won the 2014 Youth Olympic Games bid.

Guadalajara is competing against Buenos Aires, Argentina; Medellin, Colombia; Glasgow, Scotland; Rotterdam, Netherlands and Poznan, Poland to host the Games.  Bid books are due October 15 and the election will be held July 2013.