Grassroots Sports in Turkey Continue to Thrive

May 23, 2013

The Koç Fest University Sports Games, which followed National Youth and Sports Day, is another sign of grassroots sports flourishing in Turkey.

Over the last year, 20,000 student athletes from 185 Turkish universities competed in the University Sports Games, which are part of Koç Fest – a youth festival of sport, music, technology and entertainment.

The figues demonstarte the passion for sport of under-25’s – 50% of Turkey’s population.

The private sector is also fully supporting grassroots sport in the country, Istanbul 2020 sponsor and Fortune 500 company Koç Holding has organised Koç Fest since 2006 as part of a public-private collaboration to help young people fulfil their potential.

Hasan Arat, Chairman of the Istanbul 2020 Bid Committee, said: “Sport is at the very top of Turkey’s youth agenda. Turkey has 20 million people under the age of 20 and events like Koç Fest give them a chance to participate in meaningful competition.


“It is a testament to Turkey’s growing economy that Istanbul 2020’s ambition to spark mass participation in sport is so well supported by private investment from companies such as Koç Holding. Koç Fest‏’s popularity shows that sport is becoming increasingly important in young Turkish people’s lives.”

Oya Ünlü Kızıl, Corporate Communications and External Affairs Director of Koç Holding, said: “The culture of university sports, popularised by Koç Fest, takes on a new importance in such a time as this and Koç Fest’s investment in University Sports Games is also an investment in Turkey’s goal of hosting the 2020 Olympics.


“By sponsoring the Turkish University Sports Games we have become the ‘greatest supporter’ of university sport in Turkey. Our goals for the Koç Fest are to create successful athletes who will represent Turkey at international competitions and contribute to youth development by instilling a spirit of fair-play, friendship and tolerance amongst young people.”