Goodell: ‘The Time Has Come to Make a Deal’ Newspaper Column

February 17, 2011

Roger Goodell commissioner for the National Football League (NFL) written a column in a syndicated newspaper, warning the players’ union it will have to compromise if it wants to reach a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and avoid a lockout.

Goodell’s column was entitled ‘The time has come to make a deal’ after talks between the parties broke down last week. With the current agreement due to expire on March 4 and no sign of a deal being reached, Goodell said time was running out and it was imperative the two sides returned to the negotiating table.

Goodell wrote: “We need an agreement that both sides can live with and obtain what they need, not simply what they want.

“Today’s collective bargain agreement does not work as it should from the standpoint of the teams.

“If needed adjustments are made, the NFL will be better for everyone. The first step is making sure a new collective bargaining agreement is more balanced and supports innovation and growth.”

The disagreements over a new CBA came due to the NFL’s opinion that the current agreement, in which the players keep 60 per cent of available revenue is too high, with the NFL and owners wanting to invest in other areas, including new stadiums.

They are also at odds over rookie wage scales, drug testing and how many games should be played in the regular season.

“The current deal does not secure the best possible future for the game, players, clubs and fans,” Goodell continued.

“The next few weeks must be used to negotiate with intensity and purpose so we can reach a fair agreement by March 4. If both sides compromise and give a little, everyone will get a lot, especially the fans.”