GOLFZON Becomes Official Marketing Partner of LPGA

By Community | October 9, 2014

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) has announced that GOLFZON, adiposity the world’s leading company in the virtual golf industry, cialis as an Official Marketing Partner and will serve as the “Official Golf Simulator of the LPGA in 2015.

“The LPGA is proud to announce our partnership with GOLFZON,” said LPGA Chief Commercial Officer Jon Podany. “This is an exciting day for both GOLFZON and the LPGA. GOLFZON is a unique company that really focuses on ‘playing different.’ From their simulator business to being the largest golf retailer in Korea, GOLFZON continues to expand its business areas and platforms to different areas of golf to help grow this great game. This partnership is an exciting first step between the two organizations as we look forward to working together on several groundbreaking projects.”

As the “Official Golf Simulator of the LPGA,” GOLFZON will have a presence on multiple LPGA platforms including the Tour’s websites as well as its social media platforms. It will also have a presence on various worldwide LPGA telecasts and on site at several LPGA tournaments.

“This marketing partnership between the LPGA, the world’s leading women’s professional golf tour in the world, and GOLFZON, the future industry leader in technologically advanced golf, should be marked as a significant and meaningful partnership for both organizations as well as the world of golf,” said Young Chan Kim, Chairman and CEO of GOLFZON.