Gold Coast MediaAccord Will Focus On Women In Sport

March 7, 2019

SportAccord 2019 has confirmed its MediaAccord conference programme on the theme of Media’s Ever Important Role and Contribution to Sport and Society. The event will take place on Thursday May 9 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

One of the main topics of discussion will be women in sport.

During MediaAccord, Jennah Wootten (photo above), General Manager Partnerships and Communications, Sport New Zealand, will share details of the new government strategy for New Zealand, its fresh initiatives and how the sport and recreation sector has responded to them, as well as the hardest obstacles to overcome in the future.

She said: “Sport New Zealand is leading our sector’s response to a new central government strategy designed to empower women and girls to reach their potential through sport and active recreation.”

“Like many other countries we have concerning underrepresentation of women and girls being physically active, occupying leadership roles and lagging behind men in terms of value and visibility.”

She will also take part in the panel session discussing Women in Sport Media, along with Clare Briegal, Chief Executive Officer, International Netball Federation; Belinda Clarke, Interim Executive General Manager Team Performance, Cricket Australia, and Tracey Holmes, Senior Reporter/Presenter, News Radio, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

This will follow with a debate on Major Event Bidding and Media and discuss how cities can get the public onboard with Alain Mercier, Editor in Chief, Francs Jeux; Philip Pope, General Manager Communications, Queensland Rugby Union, and Wayne Smith, Senior Sport Writer, The Australian.

MediaAccord will conclude with the Case Study: Brand Architecture and Social Media Monetisation for federations and athletes presented by Ben Parsons, Founder, Ministry of Sport & Playa Power.