Glasgow 2014 Urged to Produce Business Plan Urgently

August 23, 2013

Organisers of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games have been told to produce clearer plans for businesses in the city with ‘real urgency.’

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce said businesses are creating plans and budgets for next year, but they need to have a clearer idea of the Games plans from the organisers.

Chamber chief executive Stewart Patrick said in an article by the BBC: “We are picking up a genuine enthusiasm amongst business for information on how they can engage with the Games.

“There is no doubt the Games Business Portal has helped to make clear what the direct tender opportunities from the Games are, and we know more are still to come.

“But we are now getting many more enquiries about the practical matters involved for the wider business community when the Games are in the city.

“That includes issues around marketing and branding, the way the city will operate during the Games including transport, hotel accommodation, meeting spaces and business to business events, and the extent to which businesses should be making special efforts during the two weeks of the Games.”

Businesses want to know more about marketing, branding and other promotional events around Glasgow 2014.

Patrick also confirmed that they want to know more about traffic disruptions and hotel bookings.

Real urgency

Patrick added: “Now that the tickets are on sale and businesses are drawing up their plans and budgets for next year, there is a real urgency for practical information answering these questions and we are looking forward to the early release of the Business Ready Toolkits and the Get Ready Glasgow one-stop information website.

“There is genuine confidence in the substantial progress so far and I’m sure that confidence will be maintained if these initiatives reach the business community very soon.”

A Glasgow 2014 spokesman said: “The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games present unprecedented opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Already businesses within the city have benefited from £183m of Games-related contracts.

“We want businesses to be primed and ready to make the most of this very special occasion. We also want them to be able to deliver their day-to-day operations effectively.”

He added: “We are working through Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Police Scotland and other partners to ensure the business networks they actively engage with are informed, prepared and ready for the Games.”