Glasgow 2014 Looking to Use London 2012 to Fuel Marketing Campaigns

September 4, 2012

The furore surrounding the London 2012 Olympics has bounced back positively on Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games preparations as more people wanting to volunteer and get tickets for their event.

Glasgow 2014 officials say they are “already seeing the benefits of London 2012 action”.

Glasgow 2014’s budget is £524 million ($832m), just over five per cent of the nine-billion-pound budget for the London 2012 Games. David Grevemberg, chief executive of Glasgow 2014, says that as the result of the limited funds, the event’s branding “will find smarter ways to work within our budget” to maximize marketing opportunities.

Although still in the planning stages, the marketing strategy will reportedly focus on using social media to get sports fans across the UK to share their ideas with the organizing committee.

Gevemberg adds, “the Commonwealth Games is the second largest global multi-sport brands Games in the world and we’re already benefiting from an Olympic bounce. Companies want to do business with us and want to be associated with the Glasgow 2014 brand, mindful that there are real and lasting business benefits”.

He adds that sponsorship activity should play to the event’s strengths of “community engagement” and social responsibility” if it is to capture the Commonwealth’s imagination.