Gill ‘Comfortable’ with Utd Finances Despite USD600m Net Debt

March 9, 2011

English Premier League soccer giant Manchester United’s CEO David Gill has insisted he is “comfortable” with the club’s financial situation and claimed that a net debt of £370m (US$600m) is not having a negative impact.

Gill went on to tell a UK House of Commons select committee hearing into soccer governance that the club was right to ignore fan groups who were “at war” with the Glazers, who have been unpopular owners with some sections of the fans since taking over in 2005.

Gill stated: “We know it’s there but it doesn’t impact what we do. There has been no impact in terms of our transfers.”

Gill also said that that he does not believe the Glazers have been “an embarrassment” and defended the owners’ silent stance in the face of supporters’ groups, which have staged numerous protests, adding: “We are not going to engage in structured dialogue with organisations like that. I don’t think it’s appropriate. They are at war with the owners.”