Giancarlo Sergi Joins FAI’s Marketing Arm as CEO

By Community | September 4, 2012

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) also know as the World Air Sports Federation, medstore has announced today the appointment of Giancarlo Sergi as CEO of FAME, its recently formed marketing and events company.

Mr Sergi is the President of SINERGI Ltd, a management consultancy firm based in Switzerland and active in the sports industry.

The primary objective of FAI Air Sports Marketing and Events SA (FAME), a shareholder company based in Switzerland, is to promote air sports and create commercial value for the FAI and its events by actively exploring the sports market and developing new and more attractive events. 

The FAI and SINERGI had already teamed up earlier this year; SINERGI played a significant role in the signing of a long term sponsorship agreement with the prestigious Swiss watch company Breitling as the first ever Global Partner of the FAI. 

Robert Henderson, Chairman of the FAME Board of Directors, stated: “We are delighted to have Giancarlo join us a CEO. I am confident that his knowledge and expertise will ensure that FAME will be in a strong position to respond proficiently to requests for innovative and marketing oriented events from host cities and FAI Air Sports Commissions”.

Mr Henderson also announced that the FAI had agreed to the sale of a stake in FAME to SINERGI Ltd and the election of Mr Sergi to the FAME board of directors.

Giancarlo Sergi added: “SINERGI strongly believes in aeronautics and we are proud to be associated with such an appealing project. FAI is entering a new era and we hope that our investment and involvement will contribute to the success of this venture. I am also honoured to commit personally to this project.”