German Golf Receives Medicom Backing

December 9, 2010

A three-year deal has been struck between the German Golf Association (DGV) and pharmaceuticals company, Medicom Pharma to become a major sponsor as of 2011.

The contract will see the company’s logo emblazed upon the membership cards of 620,000 affiliated German golfers. Medicom will now be involved alongside the DGV in promotional activities, providing an array of special offers for the association’s members. The deal is reported to be wort a mid-six figure sum each year according to The company joins the likes of Vodafone and Audi AG as major sponsors of the association.

“Through our commitment, we want to show that with our supplements, made using the latest scientific evidence and in accordance with German law, anyone can improve his golf game. Our products help every athlete improve his general well-being, which is a substantial advantage before, during and after the game. As an avid golfer, I look forward to working with the German Golf Association.” said Medicom Pharma managing director Daniel Rexhausen.