German F1 GP Yet to be Confirmed after Ecclestone Reveals Infighting

By Community | January 30, 2013

The arguments between Germany’s motorsport associations are one of the main reasons a Formula One race has yet to be confirmed in the country for 2013, F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone has revealed.

The race alternates between Hockenheim, which hosted the race last year, and the Nurburgring, which was due to host the race on July 7. But Nurburgring has been 

Moving the race to Hockenheim would not be straightforward though, as the AvD which looks after the Nurburgring are keen to ensure the German GP name is not used at another venue in 2013.

“It’s all a little bit political, with different political groups fighting each other,” Ecclestone said.

“You have the AvD, one club there that looks after the Nurburgring, and the ADAC, another club, which looks after Hockenheim.

“The Nurburgring is where the race should take place, and the AvD say unless they can’t do it then it can’t take place. We’ve said to them we don’t have to call it the German Grand Prix this year, we can call it the Grand Prix of Europe.

“It’s all a bit messy. At the moment the race is on-off, on-off, but we’re doing our best to get it sorted. We’ll try and make it happen.”