Geneva 2014 Convention’s Location and Date Set

By Community | February 7, 2014

GENEVA 2014 EVENT will take place in the prestigious Palexpo-Geneva, ailment Switzerland on December 10-11, apoplectic 2014.

It will be the world’s largest Sports Convention in 2014.

The GENEVA 2014 EVENT will consist of 18 Sports Conferences running at the same time, including a combined exhibition and networking areas. Those 18 Sports conferences will be:

  1. Stadium and Venue Conference
  2. Sports Technology Conference
  3. Sports Facilities Conference
  4. Sports Digital Conference
  5. Sports Sponsorship Conference
  6. Sports Law Conference
  7. Sports Broadcast Conference
  8. Sports Environment and Sustainability Conference
  9. Sports Education and Recruitment Conference

10)  Host Cities and Sports Events Conference

11)  Stadia Architects and Design Conference

12)  Turf and Grass Conference

13)  Playground and Landscape Conference

14)  Football Development Conference

15)  Football Business Conference

16)  Football Coaching Conference

17)  Football Scouting Conference

18)  International BasketBall Conference

Each of the above conferences has their own website – e.g.: – with be the combined site.


  • 200 Speakers
  • Over 3,000 Conference Delegates and Exhibition Visitors
  • 10,000 sqm of Exhibition Space

and will be the global meeting, learning and networking for all sectors and levels of the Sports Industry.

Contact the INTERNATIONAL SPORTS CONVENTION Team at: +41 216 016 754 or