Generations For Peace Receives First-Ever US Government Support

August 27, 2013

Co-funding to support pilot programme addressing violence in Jordanian schools and universities

The US government has confirmed its support for Generations For Peace’s innovative new programme for combating violence in schools and universities in Jordan. The support comes through the US Department of State’s “Middle East Partnership Initiative” (MEPI), and is another milestone in the evolution of Generations For Peace (GFP).

This follows on from GFP securing support from the Norwegian government earlier this year, the first foreign government to back GFP initiatives, and indicates growing governmental interest in GFP’s unique conflict transformation programmes due to their cost-efficiency, impact and sustainability. In addition to GFP’s own funding and partnership with Samsung Electronics Levant (GFP’s Regional Partner), the support from MEPI will co-fund important pilot programmes addressing violence in schools and universities in Jordan.

In partnership with the Jordanian Ministry of Education, GFP is training teachers from selected schools to provide them with new problem-solving skills and to foster dialogue. The training also aims to help the teachers develop deeper awareness of the complex issues surrounding violence in schools, and the role of teachers in reducing violence. During training last week, teachers practiced a range of GFP’s unique conflict transformation activities using sport, arts, and advocacy, as well as learning more about conflict analysis, programme design, and monitoring and evaluation.

Huda Nasrallah, a teacher at Nusseibeh High School for Girls, took part in the training: “Change is possible! This programme gives us hope that, as teachers, we can reduce the incidents of violence in schools and make a really positive impact. I expect to see the results with my students very soon”, she said.

The MEPI co-funding also supports GFP’s pilot programmes aiming to reduce escalating violence in Jordanian universities.  Commenting on the importance of these initiatives, GFP Founder and Chairman, HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein said: “It is truly alarming to see the toll that violence takes on our society, in our schools and our universities, and the resources that are being wasted in these negative interactions. This is why Generations For Peace, with support from MEPI and Samsung Electronics Levant, is taking steps to test the impact of our unique methodology for helping to reduce violence, allowing teachers and professors to focus on teaching, and students to reach their full potential.”

Highlighting the role of the Generations For Peace Institute in evaluating the impact of this pilot programme, GFP Co-Founder and President, HRH Princess Sarah Al-Feisal, said: “Through active research and participatory monitoring and evaluation, the Generations For Peace Institute is supporting our learning and innovation in this pilot programme before we roll it out on a wider scale next year. This will help us to maximize our impact and sustainability. Our partners, MEPI and Samsung, also share our vision and a commitment to promote peace-building values in our youth, to ensure a better future for generations to come.”