Generations For Peace Create Scholarship for University of Oxford

August 29, 2011

The Generations For Peace Institute have created a scholarship at the prestigious University of Oxford named for King Abdullah II of Jordan for relates to peace and development in Sport.

This scholarship is designed for students with the intention to conduct research into sport for peace and development.

The international NGO will have its innovative King Abdullah II of Jordan Generations For Peace Scholarship Programme available for outstanding postgraduate students in September 2012 just after the London 2012 Olympics. The candidates will be shortlisted in early 2012 and by March 2012 the scholar will be selected so that they may begin the academic year with the University of Oxford in September 2012.

The new scholarship fund was set up following two very successful years with Georgetown University, anabolics Washington D.C., and the new program will work closely with Masters and PhD. students at Oxford to develop best practices in programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, so that projects can have greater sustainable impact on the ground.

Founder of the organization, Prince Feisal Al Hussein of Jordan, said: “We are honoured to be extending the King Abdullah II of Jordan Generations For Peace Scholarship Programme in partnership with such an illustrious institution.

“This latest collaboration will connect our Pioneers and delegates on the ground with the finest academic minds in the field. Our practitioners will have greater access to the tools and the resources they need to implement peace through sport programmes sustainably.

“And our research and development experts will gain a valuable understanding of the realities of operating in conflict zones.

“That insight will enhance their capacity to develop a range of adaptable strategies and better practices that can really make a difference in diverse conflict contexts all over the world. A library in Oxford may seem a world away from a refugee camp in Pakistan, but together we are working towards an identical goal: bringing lasting peace to communities blighted by conflict, through the power of sport.”