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GB Taekwondo Appoints Caytoo To Manage Partners

July 25, 2019

GB Taekwondo has appointed the new data-driven sports marketing business Caytoo to help it better manage and source sponsors and commercial partners.

Caytoo will provide GB Taekwondo and their sponsors with better visibility on how the commercial partnerships are working. It will help sponsors extract more value from the partnership and help GB Taekwondo.

The appointment comes after Caytoo won the tender from Manchester City Council and World Taekwondo to measure the media, commercial and economic impact of the recent World Championships held in Manchester.

Matt Archibald, GB Taekwondo’s CEO, says it was a “real eye-opener to see the way caytoo employed a data-led and scientific approach to see how things were currently working and the different directions we should be looking at to target new sponsors.”

Archibald says that despite having a number of repeat Olympic and world champions, taekwondo “doesn’t have the profile of the bigger sports, so we need to be much smarter and results-oriented in how we market ourselves to brands.”

Jeremy Thompson, CEO of Caytoo said : “The desire to take a more data-driven approach to sourcing and managing commercial partners combined with the frustration of ‘lazy agencies talking to the usual partners . The most contentious question facing the PR industry was what is the value of my PR coverage and this idea of value or impact is something the sponsorship industry has been talking up more recently.”



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