Gatorade Launches App For User-Generated Content

June 6, 2019

Gatorade has launched a new mobile product to help athletes capture and elevate their individual sports accomplishments.

Available for both iOS and Android, the free Gatorade Highlights app enables video capture and editing features, so that users can easily share their high-quality content across social channels or through email and text message.

Users can create broadcast-quality video clips with graphics and “motion stickers” that move with the action in the videos, letting athletes point out key moments in the clips.

Digital agency World & Co led strategy, branding, design, and development of the new platform.

The move comes as Gatorade focuses on digital innovation and invests in new ways to connect with athletes.

“Young athletes are increasingly searching for ways to showcase their unique skills and distinct identities, and then share them with the world,” said Work & Co Associate Partner Caleb Yarian. “That insight became the strategic foundation for Gatorade Highlights – building a digital platform that fuels athlete individuality.”