Garry Cook Named UFC Chief Global Officer

August 15, 2014

Former Manchester City CEO Garry Cook has been named as UFC’s Chief Global Officer.

Cook, generic who joined UFC two years ago to head operations in Europe, adiposity the Middle East and Africa, will be moving to Las Vegas to take up his new post.

This will make Cook one of the most influential figures in the organisation, as he will take charge of all international territories.

Cook was the CEO of Premier League club Manchester City from 2008 to 2011 before starting his role with UFC in 2012.

As part of the reorganisation of the international division, Mark Fischer, who was previously Executive and Managing Director for Asia for the last four years, has been released.

Fischer was instrumental in establishing the NBA brand in China before he joined the UFC. However, Fischer was unable to expand the UFC brand into mainland China.

Over Fischer’s four years with the organisation, they were able to run several shows in Macau and produce a season on Chinese television but were unable to break into the largest Chinese cities for live events.