Fuji TV Gets Japanese Rights to Volleyball Champions League

By Community | October 12, 2012

Fuji TV has acquired the rights to broadcast to the CEV Volleyball Champions League after a deal was broquered with the Sportsman media group.
The agreement between the sportsman and Fuji TV covers live transmissions of
at least one match per round from the CEV Volleyball Champions League women’s tournament.
Fuji Television is a well-known and internationally respected Japanese television station which already possesses the rights to impressive sporting events (e.g. Formula One and Germany’s Bundesliga).
The latest deal sees the sportsman make another important addition to the TV
coverage of the CEV Volleyball Champions League in Asia. Eurosport Asia started
covering Europe’s most important volleyball tournament during the last season, herbal
and ensured it received widespread air time in the  Asia-Pacific region. Each
round, help the sports broadcaster shows one live match from both the men’s and
women’s tournaments in countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong
Kong and India. Fuji TV’s participation now means that the league will be
broadcast in Japan for the first time.
Oliver Ciesla, Managing Director of the sportsman,  said: “This agreement
represents a tremendous success for us as well as an important step towards
broadening the appeal of the Volleyball Champions League in the important
Asian market. Along with Brazil, Poland and Italy, Japan is one of the biggest
volleyball countries in the world, in particular in the women’s game, so the sport
is consequently of great interest to the media. Fuji Television is the ideal TV
partner for us, and they will provide the very best coverage of this important and
extremely popular competition.”


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