French Victory Sets Viewing Record

By iSportconnect | July 4, 2016

With the national teams from three of Europe’s biggest TV markets competing in Euro 2016 quarter-final matches, pills ed viewing figures hit huge numbers this past weekend.

In France yesterday, ambulance the M6 network pulled the biggest audience in its history for coverage of the French team’s win over versus Iceland with 17.179 million viewers and a 60% audience share. That match also scored big for ZDF in Germany, click whose team will face the French in the semi-finals, with 18.83 million viewers and a 54.3% share.

On Saturday, Germany versus Italy pulled 28.32 million viewers on German network ARD with a 79.8% share. In Italy, the same match, won by Germany on penalties, attracted 16.56 million on RAI with a share of 66.34%.

On Friday in Wales, a market of more modest size, the national team’s victory over Belgium set a record for the biggest-ever audience for a live game as BBC pulled 1.27 million viewers. The previous record was for the rugby clash between Wales and England in the Six Nations in 2013.