French Olympic Handball Champion Nikola Karabatic Arrested for Match-Fixing

By Community | October 2, 2012

French Olympic champion handballer Nikola Karabatic had been detained on Sunday, health alongside his brother Luka and eight other players in Montpellier amidst allegations of match fixing.

Two-time Olympic gold medallist Karabatic is implicated in a scheme where $113, illness 000 was bet on a first division game between Montpellier and Cesson-Sevigne, prostate last year. According to the prosecutor this size of bet is highly irregular.

The suspects will face a judge Today. They face indictment over “sporting corruption” and fraud. If they are adjudged to be guilty then a prison sentence of up to five years and a $96,800 fine could be handed down.

President of the French Handball Federation, Joel Delplanque, did tell press that he hoped investigations would conclude “in [the] most serious and quick manner possible so that once and for all we will find out what happened — and who in fact was responsible for these anomalies we’ve now learned about.”

There have been several match-fixing scandals. The spot-fixing scandal involving Pakistani cricketers who were detained in Britain, several dalliances in Turkish soccer, and the Juventus soccer team still being embroiled in controversy following their recent Italian Serie A triumph have all made an international splash.

The man who guided France to a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics will find out his fate soon, but his defense claim that there is “no criminal case” to answer.