French Broadcasters Request To Hold EURO 2020 Broadcast Rights Fees

April 7, 2020

Two french broadcasters, TF1 and M6 have both contacted UEFA in a bid to push back paying their remaining fees to broadcast the EURO 2020 competition, which has been pushed back to summer 2021.

Both have written to European Football’s governing body asking for the payments to be put on hold, in a similar manner to the competition, until a time closer to when it will go ahead, say French newspaper L’Equipe.

Each has currently paid 35% of the full fee they were due to fulfil for the summer’s competition, which was forced to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, particularly so as it was meant to be hosted in numerous countries around Europe, which would have been extremely problematic even towards the possible back end of this current period.

It is understood that UEFA have yet to respond to the request.