Fred Water Joins Oracle Team USA as Water Supplier

June 2, 2013

Fred Water has become the Preferred Water Supplier of Oracle TeamUSA, Defender of the 34 America’s Cup, making Fred the preferred water for the crew during training through the Final in September.

Oracle Team USA selected Fred Water because it is a local company, based in Sausalito, serving water from right here in the United States. Fred Water is unlike any other bottled water brand on the market. Its flask-shaped ergonomic bottles fit perfectly in pockets and its eco motto “Refill and Respect,” which promotes reusing Fred bottles again and again is a cornerstone of this exciting partnership with Oracle Team USA.

“As the Fred brand grows, we are always looking for ways to promote drinking water. Single-serve bottled water is wasteful and so is importing premium water from other countries,” said Adam Gayner, co-founder and CEO of Fred. “The concept of refilling Fred Water bottles was an obvious answer for us. Fred bottles are durable, ergonomic and totally safe. This is a huge moment for us to support Oracle Team USA in their defense of the America’s Cup.”

“As a team, most of our time is spent on the water, preparing to defend one of the most difficult trophies in the modern sports, defending the America’s Cup,” said Russell Coutts, CEO of Oracle Team USA. “Not only is Fred Water keeping us hydrated, but the concept of refillable bottles makes the relationship even more meaningful. We love that Fred Water has its eye on the environment and is putting its efforts where the passion is.”