FOTA Still has an Important Role to Play says Vice-Chairman Boullier

By Community | March 1, 2012

Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) vice-chairman Eric Boullier believes the organisation has an important role to play in improving Formula 1, even though some big-name teams left the organisation at the end of last year.

Boullier, who believes the fact that teams like Ferrari are still involved in discussions about cost cuts, testing – plus played an official part in this week’s FOTA Fans’ Forum – is important.

“I think the key thing is that even if some teams left officially the organisation, they are still committing on the main subjects – which are the RRA, and the testing agreements,” Boullier told Autosport.

“Teams are still actively working together, and FOTA also is now about thinking of changing the way we want to operate, and the way we see it perceived in the paddock.

“If all the teams are not together, it is a different position in the paddock. But there is still some interest for me for all the teams to sit down together and to participate in F1 development – and this kind of [fans’] forum is a good example.”

FOTA non-members Ferrari and HRT both sent representatives to speak on the panel at this week’s Fans’ Forum in Barcelona – something Boullier thinks bodes well for the future.

“It means the basis of FOTA is still remaining,” he said. “It has changed, it will change again, but I think the F1 teams should at least, for the fans, be together.”

Boullier also believes it important that FOTA continues with the Fans’ Forum, after another successful event in Barcelona was attended by more than 200 people.

“For me it is good to have fans which actually can ask you direct questions, and it is good to be in contact directly with the fans,” he said. “I think we should do this.

“I am clearly in favour of this contact with the fans of F1 and it is good to see them happy, to meet different people – and we are happy to be available for them to answer their questions.”

by Ismail Uddin