Formula One to Embrace Digital Opportunities

March 27, 2017

Formula One’s Head of Commercial Operations has confirmed that the racing series will actively pursue new means of engaging its fans via digital means.

Sean Bratches told, ” We are in the process right now of re-imagining our entire portfolio of digital assets from web, apps, to social, to OTT – and we really look at that as an opportunity to engage with fans on a very broad basis and really navigate fans around our eco system, in and outside a grand prix weekend.”

He also announced that the series would operate a location-by-location criteria towards pay-television, with no clear preference indicated.

He added, ” “I think there are ways to have an opportunity to create a free-to-air package that acts as a barker for the sport to create a brand awareness to a broad population. The revenue on the pay side is difficult to ignore, but at the same time we are in a position in F1 where we are trying to build our brand and increase the number of sponsors who are investing in our brand, our belief and our vision.”